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Sandra Corcoran, M.Ed., CDC, AOBTA
Holistic Coach, writer, shamanic counselor and workshop facilitator

"As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world—that is the myth of the atomic age—as in being able to remake ourselves." — Mahatma Gandhi

Sandy Corcoran masters degree from Lesley University

Masters in Integrated Arts/Expressive Therapies from Lesley University, Cambridge, MA. Undergrad degree in Special Needs Education with Psychology/Biology minor. National/International workshop facilitator, teacher and speaker for the past 25 years. Author of Shamanic Awakening: Between the Dark and the Daylight and the recently released cd compilation Souled Out—original meditations to reflect on, and renew the Self. Co-founder of the STAR Process™’91, a method of spirit healing which helps you to reclaim aspects of your core self.

I have trained for the past 35 years in both modern and ancient healing techniques. The potency of these teachings and energetic healing modalities still hold true millennia later, and are being proven today by studies in new biology, epi-genetics, and quantum physics.

I offer integral coaching sessions in person, or via skype for those at a distance, with the intent of utilizing a holistic mind, body, spirit approach. Classes, workshops, and journeys nationally and internationally are offered to help client’s tap new perspectives to reframe old or current issues.

Other alternative therapies I may include when working with a client are:



• Dream Psychology

• STAR Process soul retrieval techniques, or Susto ‘spirit healing’ applications

• Seneca Earthpath Charts, a First Nations' psychological counseling tool

• Theta-state guided meditation

• Thoth Tarot Readings, for imparting psychological and behavioral clarity

Sandy Corcoran mentor Gram Twylah

My primary North American mentor was the late Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitsch, who shared her vast body of work to be used as a psychological tool to help others uncover inner awareness, moving them past their outer issues; and who assisted me to claim my role as a dream counselor—one who assists others to understand the information held in their dreamscapes. My primary mentor in the South American Andean Mystical tradition is Sandy Corcoran initiated by Dr. Juan Nunez del PradoDr. Juan Nunez del Prado, who initiated me in ’94 as a 4th level paqo and a Chunpi paqo (paqos are healers and teachers). His work has helped me navigate this world of ‘living energies’, developing the gifts within myself that I have come to express and use with others.

Trained in all the protocols for PSYCH-K; certified through the Upledger Institute for cranial-sacral therapy; AOBTA certified with Kiiko Matsumoto and Kikuko Miyasaki; and study through the Academy of Future Sciences.

As a writer I’ve given numerous radio interviews and had articles published in a variety of publications spanning topics from the mystical and transformative, to the power of the dream, to healthcare design trends used to uplift patients in high stress hospital settings. see Media

For over thirty years I have delighted in offering guidance and alternative perspectives to clients world-wide, through Thoth Tarot Readings.

This is merely my story. My work as a coach, is to help you express your story, as you plumb the depths of your deepest yearnings, and sift through the treasure that is You. I would be honored to work with you in whatever capacity you are looking to design for yourself.

Sandra Corcoran, Gateways of the Mind, Ireland Sandra Corcoran, Peru Sandra Corcoran, Langley University