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Shamanic Counseling

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” ― Joseph Campbell

Theta State Guided Meditation Sessions
There are five main frequency brain waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. These brain waves produce consistent frequencies at each level. Everything you do, say, or perceive, is regulated by the frequency of brain waves; and our reality consists of our thoughts and beliefs, which influence the life we experience.


• Beta is associated with normal wakefulness and logic, but the state of being active and alert can also bring on stress and critical self-talk.

• Alpha is a mental state of deep relaxation. Governing day dreams and fantasies, it is a detached state, but also one where your intuition, visualization, memory and learning can be heightened.

• Theta is a state of very deep relaxation, the first stage of the dream/R.E.M state, it is associated with self-programming, emotional surges, and spiritual experiences. This state is used for problem solving, enhanced creativity, and the reduction of stress, anxiety and doubt. This is where we start to connect to the subconscious motivation below the conscious mind.

• Delta is the state when you are in deep sleep, where we also ‘know’ and process information. This is why I also work with dreams with some clients who are open to that process.

• Gamma waves, according to neuro-scientists, may be a state where we create unity consciousness.

The theta meditations I use can assist you to identify limiting beliefs and: theta meditation Sandra Corcoran alternative therapy sessions
   • help to relieve stress and anxiety
   • promote relaxation and mental clarity
   • synchronize the right and left hemispheres of the brain
   • open imaginative and creative thinking
   • reduce pain by stimulating endorphins

STAR Process™ Sessions
The STAR Process™ was co-created in 1991 by two practicing psychotherapists-Sandy Corcoran and Lynn Stewart combining educational and masters studies, with alternative licensed therapies and a variety of different long term shamanic trainings. It is a psycho-spiritual modality which re-patterns wounded aspects of the soul that limit grace and growth, holding one from experiencing life with greater control and clarity.

shamanic healing Sandra Corcoran soul retrievals Shamanic healing is a millennia old practice that approaches healing not only from a physical perspective, but from a spiritual one as well. As a concept, it has changed little in form through the centuries, attesting to its potency. As a healing technique, it’s is now being supported by neuro-scientists, quantum physicists, and those in the field of epi-genetics.

In the realms of shamanic healing, the body is perceived to be many layers of luminous energy vibrating and responding to various imprints of refined and/or dense energy, accumulated by individuals as life experiences. These dense ‘imprints’ can affect a person at one, or a variety of energy centers or subtle body levels, ultimately impacting one emotionally, physically, mentally, psychically, and/or spiritually.

Though working with you in the energetic realms and recognizing that energy can be directed remotely, as it is not bound by time and space, due to my experience of conducting hundreds of these sessions world-wide since 1992, for the safety and hands-on nurturing often needed by the client, I will only conduct these in person.

It is advisable not to have strenuous activities, or important events, directly after these sessions as many individuals generally need to rest.

‘Susto’ Sessions
Susto literally means ‘first fright.’ First frights can arise at any time pre-birth or post
birth, and have the potential to accumulate other impressions, often unconscious, over
the pursuing years that affect the nervous system and the autonomic system.

A person may be suffering emotionally, physically, psychically, spiritually, or in some
combination of these, due to a wide variety of interferences, dramatic or traumatic,
that can energetically expand later in life to be experienced as perceived social, orsusto healing Sandra Corcoran spirial healing session
personal failures.

In this healing process the use of the power of prayer, cleansing (which may utilize specific herb bundles, eggs, staffs, and/or candles), body-work, and meditative guidance, is used to extract the corded wounds held in the light body, restoring harmony and equilibrium to the physical body, mind, emotions, or spirit.

Although healing does not always mean physical curing, these sessions can create huge positive changes, and have been used for centuries throughout Mexico, Central and South America with children and adults, for everything from post traumatic stress syndrome, digestive issues, depression, chronic pain, sleeplessness, sexual issues, and many other forms of emotional and energetic blocks.

It is advisable not to have strenuous activities, or important events, directly after these sessions as many individuals generally need to rest.

Though their approach was somewhat different, I learned this work through these indigenous healers: Señor Manual/Mayan elder, outside Merida; Vincenté Alfonso Garcia Ramirez/Santeria healer, Veracruz; and donas’ Ysabel and Orlinda from Chiclayo, Peru.

Sandy Corcoran, Yaqui Deer Dancer, Gilberto Siqueiros dona Ysabel and dona Orlinda Sandy Corcoran with Santeria healer, Vincente Alfonso Garcia Ramirez

Sandy, Yaqui Deer Dancer
Gilberto Siqueiros, Mayan elder
Señor Manuel, his wife,
Señora Maria and their

dona Ysabel and dona Orlinda

Sandy with third generation
Santeria healer, Vincente Alfonso Garcia Ramirez, his mother, his sister, and their neice


“I could wax poetic about the profound spiritual authority, power and wisdom Sandy Corcoran embodies and regularly blesses me, and all of her clients and students with on this Earth Walk. Perhaps the best way to describe the level of her gifts and integrity is to say that Sandy is the 'healer's healer,' and the 'shaman's shaman.' I can think of no greater compliment to offer.”
—A.M. (female) Writer and research consultant

"Working with Sandy for the past two years has opened my eyes in ways which were far beyond my imagination. Her gentle guidance through her wide range of modalities provides healing and growth without fear. Sandy is a treasure with whom I feel privileged to consult."
—M.L. (female, entrepreneur)

"Acting on the urging of a trusted friend, I booked a Soul Retrieval with Sandy about two years ago. I had no idea what to expect and was more than a little skeptical about the whole business. Trying to describe what happens during the session would not be able to do the work justice. I can say that I experienced major energy shifts, releases, and awareness’s that dropped in (and continue to) as a result of time spent with her. I have had the opportunity to work with her twice since and plan to travel to Mass from California to work with her again in July, and to bring my niece so that she too may benefit from the gifts that Sandy so graciously shares."
—Pam T. (business owner & coach)