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Holistic Coaching Sessions

"One's philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes. In the long run, we shape our lives and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And, the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility." — Eleanor Roosevelt

The dictionary defines holistic as relating to the “whole system instead of its parts.” Holistic Coaching implies using diverse techniques and alternative modes of therapy that work on more than just one aspect of the individual, approaching sessions from a ‘whole person perspective.’ Mind, Emotions, Body, and Spirit, do not affect just one aspect of our life, and everything—personal issues, physical holistic coach Sandra Corcoran therapy sessionswellbeing, family/social dynamics, career/business matters, or partnering/relationship concerns, affect our whole person.

Alternative approaches that creative support, present new options, and help you to manage your life choices, result in you experiencing a more secure, happy, satisfying, and healthy life.

We will address the beliefs and attitudes that challenge or influence the core ‘myth’ you hold about yourself, or your current situation. These beliefs once reviewed may need to be dismantled and replaced with new choices that bring balance and renewal. Where you put your energy will be examined—are you focusing on the things that bring joy or committed to the things that continue your unhappiness. Some of the alternative approaches we might use are: talking, PSYCH-K, dream analysis or mindfulness meditation.

I will help you:


• clarify and change where you hold yourself back from your goals
• recognize how you allow limiting self-beliefs to define who you are
• find insight as to when, or how, your fears drive you
• understand why you consciously, or unconsciously, choose to settle, or repeat specific patterns, that no longer serve your highest intent.
• distinguish what actions you can take to serve your highest expression
• create a bridge of understanding between your shadow projections and true desires
• trust that when you make choices born out of love and accountability for yourself, that your desired goals become easier to manifest.

However, and I say this with total respect, if you do not wish to change what you are doing, or how you are doing it, my methods may not be the right choice for you.


"The coaches we most admire are those people that recognize who we truly are. It's hard to see ourselves inside while scanning outward. Our true fears are not that our worst kept secrets are discovered. Our fear is our greatness. Our light. That we will not somehow measure up. To ourselves. In the eyes of your coach we see who we are and that's why it takes two. We don't get there alone. It takes more than hard work. It takes teamwork to actualize who we are. It is through this recognition that we discover new possibilities that were always there. And that's life's greatest reward. Being open to possibilities we had never fully acknowledged. And taking the risk to follow our heart's bliss. Truth. Courage. Grace. Sandy is a coach who sees that we are much bigger, brighter than we ever thought possible."
—TF (male, Global Business Leader)

"Awakening and flowing, that’s how I would begin to describe what Sandy brings to the energy in me, as a client of a number of years. For me, it began with many trips to the past and relating them to how I am maneuvering my way through the present. What my lessons are, and what needs to be cleared. She has used many techniques, as she is amazingly schooled in the arts and crafts of this world of Spirit, and how that inhabits our bodies. Her handle, “Truth has no agenda” would be well remembered by all who come to her for service, as it is really the only thing that we have…and what she gets to successfully."
—Doug (male, farmer)

"The first time I worked with Sandy was twenty years ago when I traveled from Vermont to Framingham for a soul retrieval; I now live nearby and work on a regular basis with her with a combo of Holistic Coaching and Shamanic Counseling sessions. The work I do with her has been life changing and deep, and she is always spot on in guiding me to what I need. Several friends and family members have seen Sandy for soul retrievals and all feel the deep power of the work, and are so thankful. My daughter has seen her as needed over the past two years and I am so blessed to have Sandy be in her life; helping her learn about herself, trust herself, and heal herself."
—Sharon (female, Nurse Practitioner, age 50)

"I've been working with Sandy for over twenty years and deeply value her unique gifts. She is extremely intuitive and empathic, enabling her to easily understand clients' issues. The fact that she is trained in many different counseling modalities means she's been able to draw upon many different techniques and can choose whatever best applies at a particular moment. The work I've done with Sandy has been extraordinary. I recommend her highly."
—M. (female, retired M.D., photographer)

Holistic Coaching with Children:

"Sandy took a loving, gentle and open approach with my children and me. My son, age 7, shared information with Sandy that he was having difficulty expressing to me just after a short session of healing. On a biomedical level, Sandy discovered that my son's sensitivity to wheat was causing him distress. Her intuitive insight on many layers of my children (and me) opened my family up to one of the most transformative years of our lives, and I am so grateful for her. She entered our lives at the perfect time."
—Elizabeth, (mother & business owner)

"A couple years ago I got diagnosed with hypothyroid and that was the initial reason I started going to Sandy. Since then, I have gone to her for many other reasons and she has been very helpful. I am glad I can always know that Sandy is there when I need guidance."
—Nia, (age 12 y.o.)