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My Mentors & Trainings

"There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
— Anaïs Nin

The diversified teachings of my mentors have provided me with certain perspectives and practices central to the work of being human—the work of compassion, the work of committing to personal growth, the work of magic within each moment (magic simply implies ‘to make wonderful’ and comes from shifting our perspective), and the work of being a gateway for others to reflect and self-heal.

There are many who teach. Some teachers have touched me profoundly, albeit momentarily, and we have never crossed paths again. Still others, though brilliant and charismatic, have taught me what not to emulate, which is a powerful lesson too, because they motivated me through what don Mariano described as the third level teachings—the place of polarity where ego defines and limits the teachings. Some have been humble examples of generosity and dignity—sincerely sharing their cultural information, refined teachings, and harmonizing to the integrity of 'the work'.

What I have been taught is that all of our life is a spiritual practice. This implies no religious connotation, nor even suggests daily mindfulness meditation or prayer, (although both are helpful). What it does imply is that we become accountable for the life we wish to experience, by forgiving our self for how we learned our lessons, and changing its impact on our actions and choices moving forward.

What I had to own, or claim, early on for myself—and what I now use to encourage my clients—is the empowerment that comes once one understands that they are the author of their own story. When we live in victimization, fear, blame or personal doubt, our choices are limited, our actions bring no solace, and we project onto others what we don’t wish to own of our self. Gram Twylah once shared, " must learn your truth and live your truth-no excuses. It is only then you can live your connection with yourself and Great Mystery, and ultimately find the unity of Oneness. This is not always easy or convenient, but it is our life's mission."

While walking these paths, I have realized that whether through indigenous, multi-cultural, scientific, psychological, or body/health instruction, the gratitude for everything I’ve learned, has become a melting pot of the work I share with individual clients and/or group classes.

With great gratitude to each of my significant teachers, practitioners, or wisdom-keepers.

These four indigenous women, in addition to all their esoteric teachings, taught me something unique: That when a woman tells the truth about her life, and honestly claims who she is with all her foibles and glory, her soul work becomes neither martyrdom nor sainthood, her life becomes balanced and whole.

Gram Twylah Nitsch mentor of Sandy Corcoran

The late Grandmother Twylah Nitsch
--Yehwehnode Two Wolves, She Whose Voice Rides the Wind, a Seneca Elder and one of the wisest woman I have ever known. She initiated me into the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge and counseled me on the use of a psychological concept based on Native wisdom wheels--the Pathway of Peace and the Cycles of Truth—a powerful study to expand awareness within the healing process for a more fulfilling Earthwalk. She acknowledged, and instructed me, in the use of my personal medicine gift, a dreamtime counselor—one who can assist others to tap into personal terrain by reviewing their dreamscapes. Through Gram I came to understand my involvement since early childhood with the Starbeings. [Experiences further delved into with the late Dr. John Mack and Roberta Colasanti of PEER: the Program for Extraordinary Experience Research.]

Sandy Corcoran mentor Roberta Colasanti
Sandy Corcoran mentor Dr. John Mack

Sandy Corcoran mentor Gram Kitty

The late Gram Kitty--Da Keel She Wa, Dark Sun She Walks (referring to the corona of the sun during an eclipse), a Lakota Peace elder and Sun Dance grandmother for 14 years, who gifted and trained me in the sacred chanunpa and the lifetime vow made by being its carrier.

Maya Perez mentor of Sandy Corcoran

The late Maya Perez
, born in Guayana, South America, a mystic who imparted training on numerology, the psalms, the power of prayer in the healing process, and how to use breathe and thought to "teach people to purify their inner consciousness in order to visualize and create a new way of life".

Oh Shinnah Fastwolf mentor of Sandy Corcoran

Oh Shinnah Fastwolf
, She Who Makes the Song of the Earth, who imparted teachings on the use of crystal healing, the power of the elements and elementals, women's ritual, and who initiated me into an ancient women’s lodge known as the Sisters of the Violet Flame.

These South American mentors, taught me how to work with the mesa (healing bundle) and the Kawsay Pacha—the world of living energy; through a fundamental healing technique called mikuy—to remove 'hucha', dense energy and impart 'sami', refined energy. Further, these teachers taught me that men can bring something distinctly different to the teachings, a healthy balance that need not be a conflict to contemporary roles and expectations.

Juan Nunez del Prado mentor of Sandy Corcoran

Sandy Corcoran mentor Don Benito Dr. Juan Nunez del Prado, an anthropologist, kurak priest in the Andean Mystical Tradition and scholar on multiple subjects, especially world religions, scientific applications, and Jungian psychology. Instructed to disperse this body of knowledge from his master teachers'—Don Benito Qoriwaman, Don Andrea Espinoza and Don Melchor Deza, he initiated me into the 4th level Andean Mystical path in '94 and over the following years, through the Hatun Karpay, Lloq’e Karpay and as a Chunpi paqo. Juan's deep knowledge on so very many subjects and his unswerving loyalty to the truth of the Andean teachings, has been a constant reflection of true integrity of purpose, as I walk this path.

Sandy Corcoran mentor Don Mariano Apasa Marchaqa
The late Don Mariano Apasa Marchaqa, Q’ero elder and kurak akulleq,  who awakened me to the power of munay back in ‘92—how to forgive and use heart energy as a catalyst to bring union between the left and right sides of the Andean Mystical tradition. Don Mariano also bestowed upon me the rite of Pachakuti, and asked myself and my healing partner at the time, to open a new mesa containing two ancient puma carvings, embodying the feminine, for the coming times. This he instructed, was to restore balance and not superiority of one gender over another.

Americo Yabar mentor of Sandy Corcoran
Americo Yabar who likewise was mentored by don Benito Qoriwaman and initiated as a chakaruna or 'living bridge' between cultures. Americo instructed me in the left hand traditions of the Andean Mystical Tradition, while teaching how to recognize and embody 'salka energy' (the natural universal, undomesticated energy). In ‘92, Americo took a group for the first time to Mollomarqa, his ancestral home, where I first met and was initiated by don Mariano Apasa. In '95 he took myself and four other women paqo’s throughout Peru and Bolivia to do personal energy work from the Nazca Lines, to the Island of the Moon.

Robin Graham mentor of Sandy Corcoran Sandy Corcoran mentor Rob Williams
Practitioner of PSYCH-K. Completed all protocols through P-K certified instructor Robin Graham. Rob Williams, a psychotherapist and the originator of PSYCH-K, created the protocols of this brilliant whole brain methodology, which uncovers blocks and unconscious/conscious limiting beliefs. Rob states, “The source of nearly all suffering, no matter whether it is mental, physical, or emotional, comes from the basic illusion of separation from our true Spiritual Nature.”

Sandy Corcoran mentor Kiiko Matsumoto
Zen shiatsu certification late ‘80’s through the Boston Shiatsu School, in Cambridge, MA with Kikuko Miyazaki Zutrau, and simultaneous classes in acupressure with Kiiko Matsumoto. Kiiko Matsumoto is considered a "living master of Acupuncture" and is the founder of the "Kiiko Matsumoto style" of acupuncture. Certified AOBTA [American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia] since 1989. Shiatsu is a traditional hands-on healing modality that originated from the migration of Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM] by Buddhist monks, to Japan. Both acupressure and shiatsu work to decongest energetic accumulation/blocks in the body’s meridian system.

Sandy Corcoran mentor Dr. John Upledger
Certified through the Upledger Institute. The late Dr. John Upledger was a clinical researcher and Professor of Biomechanics at Michigan State University from the mid 70’s through early 80’s, and co-founded the Upledger Institute. He and his research team established the first scientific basis for the cranio-sacral system, which provides a gentle noninvasive approach to working throughout the body’s systems, and has been used to bring balance to a wide variety of physical and emotional conditions.

Dr. J.J. Hurtak mentor of Sandy Corcoran
Study through the Academy of Future Sciences, a non-governmental organization founded by Dr. J.J. Hurtak, a social scientist, futurist, investigator of ancient civilizations, and a remote sensing and space law specialist. Author of multiple books and director/writer for award winning films, he is best known for The Keys of Enoch. With two Ph.Ds, and his M.Th. from Luther Theological Seminary Dr. Hurtak’s lectures, classes, and books/workbooks provided constant motivation for developing conscious awareness of that which is beyond myself.