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Past Starwalker Vision Journeys

2012 Peru/Bolivia Sacred Journey with Sandy Corcoran


          - Flowering of the Sixth Sun: Quest for Quetzalcoatl (Feb.)
          - The Andean Mystical Tradition with maestro Juan Nunez del Prado and son Ivan (May)
          - Gateways of the Mind Ireland (June)
          - Sacred Pilgrimage to Egypt: Weaving the New Dream (Nov.)

      2012 Sacred Journey to Peru/Bolivia Album

          - The Sol y Luna & Ollantaytambo
          - Machu Picchu
          - Amaru Muru, Moray, and the Q'ero
          - Cuzco
          - Bolivia
          - Raqchi

Spirit Walk Journeys with Sandy Corcoran

      Photo Albums: 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E

          May 2011
          - the Sacred Valley
          - Ollantaytambo & Pisac
          - Moray & Tipon
          - Machu Picchu
          - Cusco & Tambo Machay

Spirit Walk Journeys with Sandy Corcoran

      Photo Album 2

          2008 - Journey to Damanhur: City of Light
          2007 - Peru, Damanhur, Women's Magical/Mystical Goddess Series
          2006 - England February and May Teachings

Spirit Walk Journeys with Sandy Corcoran

      Photo Album 3

          2005 - Hatun Karpay (throughout Peru-Macchu Picchu, Ollyantatambo, Tipon, Pisac, Rachi, etc)
          with Sandy, Juan and Ivan Nunez del Prado
          2004 - Lloque Karpay (through Peru & Bolivia-Macchu Picchu, Moray,
          Lake Titicaca-Island of Moon & Island of Sun, Teohuanaco)
          with Sandy, Juan and for a few days with Don Mariano and his wife, Dona Augostina

Spirit Walk Journeys with Sandy Corcoran

       Photo Album 4

          2003 - Sacred Sites in Peru (Macchu Picchu, Rachi, Island of Taquile & Uros, Sullustani)
          and Jungle Experience
          with Sandy, Juan Nunez del Prado & Ayahuascarian Pio Vucetich
          2001 & 2002 - Federation of Damanhur, Italy
          2000 - Womens’ Journey-Palenque, VeraCruz, Star Mounds
          with Sandy, Yaqui Deer Dancer Gilberto Siqueiros and
          third generation Santeria healer-Vincente Alfonso Garcia Ramirez

Spirit Walk Journeys with Sandy Corcoran

       Photo Album 5

          1999 - L’ago Dorto
          with Sandy and German & Italian Group
          1998 - Uxmal, Dzibilchaltun, Mayan Healings
          with Sandy, Yaqui Deer Dancer-Gilberto Siqueiros and Mayan Elder, Seňor Manuel
          1997 - Mexico City, Teotihuacan, Palenque, Villahermosa (STAR Process® Graduation)