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Session Fees

“The guest will judge better of a feast than the cook.” ― Aristotle

New Clients:
1 hour introductory session to discuss your concerns is $145.

Holistic Counseling Sessions
(which can include dialogue, mindfulness-meditative techniques, PSYCH-K, and/or dream analysis)
• One (1) hour session is $145
One and half (1.5 hour) hour session is $225     

Shamanic Counseling Sessions
(which can include Theta guided meditations, STAR Process™ shamanic healing or susto healing)
• 1.5 hour long session is $250
• 2 hour long session is $350. (These sessions require a $100 deposit to hold your space. Cancellation of scheduled day/time is required 3 days prior, or there will be no refund of your deposit.)

PYSCH-K Sessions exclusively
This technique needs a minimum of 10-14 sessions for best results. Issues are usually multi-layered and have been imbedded over time, and as such cannot be fully addressed in just one or two sessions.
• One (1) hour is $145

Dream Analysis exclusively
Dreams are an opportunity to tap the unconscious Self and reveal to the waking self. You may bring more than one dream, but please make sure you have two (2) copies of each dream you are looking to discuss. One copy for me, and one  for you to read in your own voice.
One (1) hour session is $145.00
Two (2) hour sessions $275.00

Payment Options: I accept personal checks, bank checks, cash, Pay Pal in advance only and you will need to pay the fee, or the following credit cards with a 4% service fee: Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card.

CANCELLATION POLICY FOR ANY SESSION: There is a 24 hour cancellation policy for all 1 hour sessions/appointments that you cancel or no show. Arriving 10-15 minutes late, please understand the full session fee will still apply, and we will not be able to go over in time.
For appointments that have been set aside as 1.5 hours or 2 hours, or any Shamanic healing appointments, there is a 3-day cancellation requirement due to the amount time set aside for you in my schedule, and the energetic preparation on my part involved. A $100 cancellation fee without a prior 3-day notice will be applied.

pay in advance option

If you choose to pay using the convenience of a credit card for your sessions, please note there will be a 4% processing fee on the total amount of the session purchased.
Please include that fee at the time your remittance.

Payment for Sacred Journeys cannot currently be paid for using with Pay Pal.
Please speak to me first for proper payment options.

The correct Pay Pal address is: