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Special Session Fees

"Everything you'll ever need to know is within you; the secrets of the universe are imprinted on the cells of your body." — Dan Millman, Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Seneca Earthpath Energy Charts                                                                          
seneca earthpath energy charts with Sandy Corcoran
Each person enters their Earthwalk (lifetime) with seven (7) gifts of birth, in the form of energies that guide them toward their unique potential, and six (6) latent talents forming who we are. This Seneca Wolf Clan counseling tool is based on the indigenous understanding of the Wisdom Wheel. This is NOT an astrological reading; however, your date of birth is needed for your personalized charts and booklet preparation prior to your session.

Readings require 2 hours of my preparation and research based on an exercise you must complete for me prior to constructing your personalized booklet. We also set a time two hours in-person to go over all the material, at which time your $200 deposit is required to hold your day/time. You will receive a complete booklet of your personalized charts, separate color copies with an individual assessment of your birth-path destiny with current year influences, and our in-person two hour discussion/Q&A recorded on 2 CD's to take with you. Cost for everything: $400.

Half the fee of $200 must be paid to initiate my work on your booklet, and the remaining $200 is due the day of your in-person session.

Intuitive Thoth Tarot Reading
intuitive tarot readings with Sandy Corcoran
The tarot is an ancient deciphering tool used for centuries in metaphysical Mystery Schools. A reading provides insights which can offer both psychological assessment and emotional support, through alternative options and/or perspectives to life issues.

For out-of-state, or out-of-country tarot sessions, payment must be received 5 days after making your appointment to secure I hold your day/time. *Please note, readings cannot take place if I have not received your payment. A $5.00 flat fee will be charged for packaging/shipping within the Continental United States, shipping prices may vary beyond that.

Full hour long readings (recorded on cds) are $150. Should you wish for more time, we will need to qualify that at the time of your appointment.

• There is a 24 hour cancellation policy for all 1 hour Thoth Tarot appointments. If you are late to the call, we cannot go over. If this is a phone appointment, I will need a landline number and will call you at the appointed time. If you have a cell phone only, know that sometimes the call drops. Please do not be driving, have people in the background talking, or be in the midst of other things. I consider this sacred time for you.
• For Seneca Earthpath Charts, there is a 3-day (72 hour) cancellation requirement due to the amount time set aside for you in my work schedule. A $100 cancellation fee without a prior 3-day notice will be applied for these 2 hour Earthpath reviews. Should you need to cancel during your 3 day window you can make arrangements for another time based on my schedule.

Sacred Journeys
These journeys are exciting excursions to sacred sites and power places around the world where you can align with the forces that stimulate mystery and magic. These locations have become identified with powerful energetic vibrations and astronomical alignments that can trigger, or awaken, subtle or profound extra-ordinary experiences felt individually or by the group.

Sharing with others of like vision promotes conscious interaction, fosters respect for other cultures, and offers a place to contemplate and transform outside the static of your daily reality or obligations.

Past journeys have taken groups throughout Peru, from Machu Picchu to the Amazon Jungle; Bolivia-from Lake Titicaca to Tiahuanaco; Mexico from Teotihuacan to the Mayan lands; the esoteric community of Damanhur, Italy; Mystical England, the sacred sites of eastern Ireland, and through the multiple ancient sites within Egypt.

Please visit the workshops and journeys for upcoming journeys

Sandra Corcoran, sacred journeys, Egypt our group at Sphinx

Sandra Corcoran, sacred journeys, Ireland dream class at Dunderry Park
Magical Tour to Egypt Dream Weekend Dunderry, Ireland

Sandra Corcoran, sacred journeys, women's group in Machu Picchu Sandra Corcoran, sacred journeys, Ireland dream class at Dunderry Park
Women's Group Machu Picchu, Peru Mysterious Tiahuanaco, Bolivia

Link to the photo album to see other journeys

pay in advance option

If you choose to pay using the convenience of a credit card for your sessions, please note there will be a 4% processing fee on the total amount of the session purchased.
Please include that fee at the time your remittance.

Payment for Sacred Journeys cannot currently be paid for using with Pay Pal.
Please speak to me first for proper payment options.

The correct Pay Pal address is: