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Sandy Corcoran is a shamanic counselor mentored by indigenous elders for over 30 years, specializing in the dreamtime, soul retrievals and women's rituals.
She is a published author, educator and workshop facilitator. Sandy offers international journeys yearly to sacred sites for you to work with the mystical and magical within.

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Sandy is available by SKYPE for most long distance sessions.

Between the Dark and the Daylight: Awakening to Shamanism by Sandy Corcoran

Shamanic Awakening:
My Journey Between the Dark and the Daylight

Published by Inner Traditions/Bear & Co. Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble or through publisher. Link to Amazon to purchase Shamanic Awakening

Sandy in Asia Spa article: Dream a Little Dream

Sandy is a trained dream decoder, who offers private sessions and workshops to help you recognize and uncover the inner messages held within the symbology of your dreamscapes.

With this website I wish to acknowledge what an honor it has been for me to have been mentored these past 30 years by Native and Mestizo women and men who have generously shared their cultures, ceremonies, and friendship. Likewise the many children that have crossed my path in the variety of roles I've held have provided me with unending honesty and insatiable curiosity concerning intent and purpose.

The diversified teachings of these elders and children have provided me with certain perspectives and practices central to the work of being human--the work of compassion, the work of commitment, the work of magic and the work of being a gateway for others to reflect and self heal.

This is the planet of the heart chakra. We have chosen these bodies on this planetary body to advance our potential, lifting the spirit of ourselves and therefore humanity, to new octaves of expression. There is not one of us greater or less than another, simply in a different stage of expression. As a facilitator, my vision is to assist and be witness to your journey, as you continue to open the doors to the beauty of your own expression.

To live the truth encoded in us, tapping those special qualities that make us unique, is our individual obligation. Our Earthwalk becomes an opportunity to express Gratitude for all we are and all we can become. Daily, there is the ability to grow our truth by asking ourselves the questions that promote personal change--this is our personal responsibility.

Thank you for visiting my site.

-Sandy Corcoran

"In the end the power is in the questions, as a society you have been taught to think that the power is in the answers."

-Gram Twylah

Da Naho, Nyah Weh Swenio!! It is said, Thank You Great Mystery.

Sandra Corcoran shamanic counselor and author