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"I don't believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive." — Joseph Campbell

The modalities I offer you, are intended to support a more fulfilling life to:


• Motivate positive changes, past your fears, frustrations, or inertia.
• Address why you choose, what you choose. Does it serve?
• Encourage new ways to meet your challenges, and shift your perspectives.
• Embolden you to consider alternative choices to your current situation.


To accomplish that, I offer a wide variety of modern and ancient psychological, energetic, and esoteric tools.

Whether your issues revolve around personal growth, business complications, family issues, career needs, better partnering skills, feeling stuck after trying many other options, or just a need for healthier life choices, I can support you to expand your options and shift your perspective.

We work as a team, in a safe place. My intent is to both challenge and support you, revealing where you diminish your ‘light’ and/or deny your ‘shadow’—elements that once uncovered and integrated, can shift your awareness and empower change.


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As a facilitator, my job is to inspire, affirm, and help you clarify and redesign a life that works for you. Your job is to actualize those choices and be accountable to shift what isn’t serving, eventually making me obsolete.

To live those special qualities that make you unique—that is your individual birthright. Life becomes an opportunity to navigate both pain and joy; confusion and clarity; choice and commitment. Daily, there is the free will ability for self-growth—that is your personal responsibility.

To change your story, you need to risk changing your script.
I would be honored to work with you as you work on yourself.

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I currently maintain a private practice at Roots & Wings Healing Arts Center in Natick, MA.  
I am available via phone or Skype for long distance clients: 508-435-2681

Between the Dark and the Daylight: Awakening to Shamanism by Sandy Corcoran Souled Out by Sandy Corcoran Souled Out by Sandy Corcoran

Shamanic Awakening:
Between the Dark and the Daylight

Published by Inner Traditions/Bear & Co.
Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble
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Souled Out
A compilation of orginal meditations, to unite your head and your heart;
the series enlightens your Spirits Expression and takes you through
the Andean Mystical Cosmo-Vision
CD available directly from Sandy
MP3 download available on Amazon & Google

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